Streatham House Cleaning Services

cleaning-services-londonIf you are staying too late at work and have no time to bring your property in order, save your troubles by booking our excellent house cleaning available through Streatham. We are your trusted cleaning contractor and one of our skilful operatives can clean your home whenever you wish, giving you time for more important duties.

Choose our company and you won’t be disappointed. We have been operating in the field of cleaning for a considerable amount of time already and the quality of our work is highly appreciated by all our customers. In order to find the right cleaning solution for everyone, who needs our professional house cleaning services, we listen intently to every request.

Our company was established several years ago in Streatham and ever since then, we have been selecting carefully the cleaning experts in our team. During their practice, all of them have developed a wide scope of knowledge, which enables them to cover a variety of cleaning duties and ensure a pristine level of cleanliness.

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Give us a chance and we will show you what we are capable of. You can rest assured that our comprehensive representative will work hard and give your home the attention it deserves. We know that you would like to know exactly what are you paying for.

In our service is included wiping cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes, polishing the kitchen appliances, sanitising the bathroom, hoovering and mopping the floors, etc. Our main priority, however, is to satisfy your persona need, therefore, don’t hesitate to share your preferred cleaning areas with us in advance. We would like to be as helpful as possible to you.

When you can’t find balance between your professional life and the household duties, all you need to do is dial our number. We have enough of skilful cleaners and will send one to your address at the first convenient time for you. They will deal with all cleaning duties that you desire and we guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the final result. Our customers receive only the best service.

Sparkling Wandsworth professionally:

  • Cleaned 747 Carpets
  • Protected more than 1000 homes
  • Cleaned 250 Ovens
  • Cleaned 172 house on daily base
  • Cleaned Deep over 1000 homes
  • Disinfected 318 Mattresses
  • Cleaned 159 Upholsteries
  • Satisfied more than 1200 tenants and landlords

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Cleaning Services 1 Star Rating 1.5%
Cleaning Services 2 Star Rating 2%
Cleaning Services 3 Star Rating 3.5%
Cleaning Services 4 Star Rating 6%
Cleaning Services 5 Star Rating 87%

This company really does live up to their reputation. The house cleaners who were sent to my home to clean it after we had a crazy party were excellent. They left the entire apartment shining bright and I could not have asked for a more detailed service. Many thanks. -Frank


South-east of London and only five miles of Charing Cross is the area of Streatham. The area is bisected by an important ancient road, which dates as far back as Roman times. It served as a major junction between the capital and the suburb. Started as a village, the area has turned into a major spa centre with the foundation of the Streatham Wells, known for their healing properties. This has contributed to the development of the area and the building of many important roads and railway stations. Over the past few years millions were invested for the regeneration of the area and the Streatham High Road, voted to be the “Worst Street in Britain”.

Nowadays, the area is one of the most preferred one in London for families and young professionals. The neighbourhood has wealth of restaurants, bars, parks and festivals. One of the most popular open space in the area is Streatham Common, designated as a Local Nature Reserve. One of the mostly-anticipated events in the area is the Streatham Food Festival, full of gourmet from around the world. The lovers of music will be happy to visit one of the leading jazz venues in all London, known as The Hideaway. Streatham is a suburb with unlimited opportunities for both pleasure and leisure. It will provide you with the vibe of the city, without taking away the peace.